Cause She’s a Good Girl – Groovy Lee

Cause She's a Good Girl


Author Groovy Lee

Publisher Groovy Lee

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

From Goodreads

Piper Banion spent most of her eighteen years trying to do the impossible, gain her abusive mother’s love. But the older she gets, the more she realizes that a parents undying love is something you don’t have to vie for, compromise your principles for, nor beg for in your prayers. Connie will always see her as a worthless burden. Still, breaking the chains of her defective childhood by running away was a hard decision to make.

After five years of wandering from one small town to the next, Piper finds a true friend in Shelly Jamison, a runaway mom slash devout party girl, and outspoken rebel against the rich, her family included. After a back-alley altercation with Shelly’s boy-toy, Tomas, Piper’s friend convinces her to spend the summer at her family’s estate in Destin, California. At last she gets to meet Shelly’s SEXY cousin Oz Jamison.

Oz owns a PR firm in Seattle, Washington. Hardly a day goes by that he can’t turn a corner without being asked those headache provoking-questions: “Are you Prince? Would you sign my Purple Rain DVD? Touch my latest copy of your CD? Better yet, touch me instead?” With skin the color of smooth vanilla, and the sensual glint in those brown caramel eyes, even a pledged virgin like Piper has to fight off the lure of his sexuality. She opts instead for a friendship based on their shared abusive backgrounds.

Piper is determined to forge a better life in California; but, the collective cries of nine murdered women reaching out to her from those weekly news bulletins suspends that task. Someone is killing all the women she comes into contact with, and that’s where the connection ends. Her “pureness” seems to be the trump card that enables her to walk away from the rage that consumes the killer and the lives of his unsuspecting victims. But the next time they meet, a head start is all she’ll get.

In the chaos of trying to survive him, Piper learns that Shelly has disappeared. A muffled voice over the phone claims responsibility: And it’s not the Silk Stocking Serial killer who’s daring her to come rescue her friend.

What did I think?

‘Cause She’s a Good Girl’ had me hooked from the prologue. There’s the old saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ and I’m glad in this case that I didn’t – the cover to me indicates that this book is more towards the erotica side of things but Groovy Lee has very much written a thriller that chases a serial killer…with added romance in there too.

I found ‘Cause She’s a Good Girl’ really easy to get in to, easy to follow and the pace of the events within the book was brilliant. Lee never stopped introducing new elements to the story and that had me turning the pages until before I knew it, the book was over! Lee has successfully written about the different effects of child abuse brilliantly – a difficult topic for most to read about, let alone write about!

While the serial killer comes to light about half-way through the book, it didn’t mean that Lee left herself with nowhere else to go (unlike other books I’ve read). She kept the story building up throughout and it didn’t stop until the very last page. The biggest shock for me of this book is that Lee had me reaching for the tissues in the very last two chapters. It was incredibly emotional and the way it was written with the perfect delicacy it required.

‘Cause She’s a Good Girl’ is a really brilliant story, and I would recommend you read it!

My Rating? ♥♥♥♥♥

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