Dead Secret – Ava McCarthy

Dead Secret

ISBN-10 0007363915

ISBN-13 978-0007363919

Author Ava McCarthy

Publisher Harper Collins

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

From Goodreads

Two quick shots. One for him. One for you.

After the death of her three-year-old daughter, Jodie has nothing left to live for – or almost nothing.

She has one task to fulfil before she takes her own life. And that’s to kill the man she holds responsible for her daughter’s death – her seemingly perfect husband, Ethan.

But Ethan is hiding more than just his true nature. And as more horrifying secrets from his past emerge, Jodie’s strength will be pushed to the limit…

What did I think?

Wow! Ava McCarthy really knows how to write a great thriller! I literally could not put this book down and read it in one sitting! I needed to get the the end of Jodie and Ethan’s story and I genuinely could not guess where it was going to go or how it was going to end.

Initially when reading through ‘Dead Secret’ I was so sure that this was going to be a guaranteed 4* review but the ending just shocked me more than I really expected and McCarthy earned 5* from me. I have never known a book (recently) that has such a huge twist right at the end that makes you look at the book in a whole new light.

McCarthy has really impressed me with this book, it’s dark and full of suspense and while I thought the start of the book was quite unbelievable, McCarthy soon managed to sway me as she progressed the book with unexpected surprises.

I thoroughly recommend this book, especially if you love thrillers…this is about as good as it gets and really doesn’t let you feel comfortable at any moment. Prepare for the twists…and also to be so hooked that you read it in one sitting!

My Rating? ♥♥♥♥♥

Will you be adding this to your TBR pile?

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4 thoughts on “Dead Secret – Ava McCarthy

  1. That sounds like my kind of thriller and you wrote about the execution perfectly. I like that she put you in different mind sets at times and BAM, the ending. So impressed. Great review, adding to TBR list now.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      Be sure to let me know what you think! It’s up there with some of my favourite thrillers!

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