The Double Axe – Philip Womack

The Double Axe

ISBN-10 1846883903

ISBN-13 978-1846883903

Author Philip Womack

Publisher Alma Books

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

From Goodreads

Dark forces are at work in the House of the Double Axe. Stephan, the thirteen-year-old son of King Minos of Crete, stumbles across a terrifying conspiracy. Is the Minotaur, a half man half bull who eats human flesh, real? Or is something even more dangerous threatening to engulf both the palace and the world?

Stephan must race to save his family from a terrible fate and find out what really lurks inside the labyrinth…

You think you know the story? Think again.

The Double Axe is the first instalment in Philip Womack’s Blood and Fire series, which reimagines classical myths from the point of view of teenage protagonists. It’s a thrilling tale of adventure, and an opportunity for young readers to engage with and learn more about classical mythology.

What did I think?

This book was a whole load of firsts for me. I’m not usually a fan of reading teenage books and I have most definitely never read any new takes on mythology…not that I know a great deal about mythology anyway! That being said, I was eager to give ‘The Double Axe’ a go because I thought that it sounded interesting.

Philip Womack has written a brilliant ‘children’s’ book that I just could not put down. I absolutely loved it, and although the basis of the mythology was there, Womack has managed to write a story in a completely different way than it has ever been told.

Depending on what age range this is targeted for could sway my opinion slightly because I do feel that this could be considered as rather scary for the younger audiences. With this being said, I do think that if Womack ‘tamed’ the ‘scarier’ scenes down then the story wouldn’t have been as fun to read!

I love Womack’s writing style and I found the book incredibly easy to read. It was very fluent and didn’t take much effort (sometimes you get those books that you just have to force yourself to persevere) – the story was brilliant and I really felt that Womack built a connection between the readers and the characters.

A brilliant read, I am most definitely going to be looking out for the other books in the Blood and Fire series!

My Rating? ♥♥♥♥

Will you be adding this to your TBR pile?

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