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My turn is finally here! I honestly couldn’t wait for this day to come around because I’ve got such brilliant things to say about Finding the Cure. I really want to thank Cassandra Giovanni and Indie Girl Promotions for the opportunity to be a part of this book tour and read such an amazing book.

Finding the Cure

ISBN-10 0692452583

ISBN-13 978-0692452585

Author Cassandra Giovanni

Publisher Show n’ot Tel Publishing

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

From Goodreads

Ellie Abela’s life has been anything but easy. Tragedy follows her where ever she goes, and she’s been a lot of places. At twenty she’s lived in over ten different states, all because of her dad’s career in medical research. His career is just another list of the causes of tragedies in El’s life. He’s dying, and with every breath he takes closer to Heaven, Ellie dies a little bit inside too.

At twelve she lost her mom in a drunk driving accident, and in a matter of months she fears she’ll lose the last person she has in the world to cancer.

While Ellie’s life has been rife with sadness, Trent Wentworth’s has been a challenge. A drug-addicted mom and a dead-beat dad meant at twenty three he was the adoptive father of his two year old sister. Now at twenty five he’s working his way up the corporate ladder and a struggling single parent.

Each is searching for a cure to the things in their lives dragging them down. Not all cures are black and white; not all cures save us–and sometimes saving isn’t what we need. Sometimes we just need to realize how lucky we are to be alive, at least for this moment.

Excerpt - Chapter One

I wrapped my fingers around the steering wheel, and it squeaked with the pressure as my knuckles turned white. The sound echoed through the car as my grip continued to tighten. I used to wonder if it was harder to know you’re going to die, or just dying without the ability to say goodbye. The tears began to stream down my face as I sped down the highway. The guardrails were just silver blurs as I hammered the gas.

I shouldn’t have wondered it. My life was cruel punishment for the thought. The question should’ve been what’s harder, never getting to say goodbye or knowing that every breath could be goodbye?

My chin trembled as my eyes fell to the speedometer.

I was going too fast.

The highway was too straight; a never ending path in front of me that I wanted to drive on until I fell off the edge of the Earth.

I already had, hadn’t I?

My eyes lashes fluttered, the drops of tears weighing them down.

Never getting to say goodbye.

I knew that evil. God, did I know that evil. The look on Dad’s face as the phone slipped from his hands, the words forming at his lips never reaching my ears.

I read them.

I knew them.

The shock hit my body, and I desperately wanted to feel something–anything besides the rolling waves of pain. That numbness weighted down my limbs as the physical ache coursed through my veins. The anger and pain crushed down on me until my chest was so tight I couldn’t breath. Then I had Dad– he was always there, despite his own pain. His warmth overtook the shocking cold of loss. He broke the edges that hardened on my soul.

Knowing that every breath could be goodbye.


That was now.

I lifted my foot off the gas, letting the car slow until I pulled over and stopped. My head dipped between my shoulders as my chest heaved with a sob. I let my hands drop to my lap, red lines marking them where my skin had met too tightly with itself. The tears puddled in my palms.

I knew he was going to die. There was nothing that could stop it. I had to watch it. The pillar of strength when Mom died was withering into nothing in front of my eyes. The numbness that hit me when Mom died was a constant part of my life; it never left. I had just gotten better at hiding it. The chains around what was left of my heart tightened with each passing day. Each day meant there was one less breath. Who would save me now?

My eyes rose to the black sky above me.

There was no cure for Dad.

There was no cure for me.

What did I think?

Cassandra Giovanni had me hooked from the very beginning. I read ‘Finding the Cure’ in two sittings because I really couldn’t wait to get to the end to see what happened! I really wasn’t expecting to have to reach for the tissue box because I thought I knew what was coming. The way Giovanni manages to capture you means she has the ability to have the tears flowing in a sentence because you get so absorbed.

I don’t think I’ve ever really connected with characters as much as I did in ‘Finding the Cure’. Giovanni has a talent for making you fall in love with characters and connect with what they’re going through. I think that’s why I fell in love with this book, because you felt like you knew Ellie and Trent your whole life. I found that Giovanni’s writing style is incredibly addictive. It was such an easy read and Giovanni has really balanced the happy and sad moments throughout. It’s a bitter-sweet novel that really catches you off guard.

I truly loved the thought that Giovanni has put in to this book with even the tiniest detail of the band/songs linked at just the right time. Knowing the ‘alternative’ music scene quite well, I immediately started singing the songs in my head and realised that actually, yes, Giovanni has really sat and thought about which song would go best with the situation. She’s truly ‘nailed it’!

I really loved ‘Finding the Cure’ and I am so happy to be part of this book tour because she has rightfully earned a five heart review from me. Please, please go and read this book…I need someone to talk to about it!

My Rating? ♥♥♥♥♥

Will you be adding this to your TBR pile?

Q&A with Cassandra Giovanni

author potrait

Where did you find the inspiration for ‘Finding the Cure’? I actually wrote it about 6 years ago, inspired by books by Nicholas Sparks.

How did you develop the characters and plot? Honestly, I can’t even remember it was so long ago. I picked up the handwritten manuscript one day in February and decided to run with it.

What was the hardest part to write? The scene where Ellie’s dad gives her the news about what’s going to happen. Her reaction is so strong and painful– and she says something’s that were really not that nice.

What were your goals/intentions with ‘Finding the Cure’ and do you think you’ve achieved them? I wanted to touch readers and inspire them to not take life for granted. When I started rewriting it, I’d just lost someone I love and it really drove home the concepts of the book. I hope I have accomplished that, and I’ve been lucky enough to have several readers email me to tell me how impactful the book was on their lives. As an author you always hope for that impact, but you never dream it will. It’s amazing when it does.

As a fan of some of the bands you have referred to I knew the songs referred to and their lyrics and thought they fit perfectly. Did you intentionally choose songs that had those lyrics for the situation/characters? (E.g – If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn) I am very influenced by music and there is always a playlist that I listen to when I’m writing a novel. As you can probably guess, this was one of the songs. The songs really help me to shape characters into who they are, so it is very purposeful. I’m glad you enjoy the great artists that I do too!

Finally, can I get my hopes up for a follow on to ‘Finding the Cure’? While I am absolutely flattered by this question, I’m sorry to say no. It was written as a standalone novel, but I have a series called Beautifully Flawed that deals with death and grief as well. The first book, Flawed Perfection, is available now and the second will be out in late Spring.


Again, a huge thank you to Cassandra Giovanni and Indie Girl Promotions for the opportunity to be a part of this blog tour 🙂 I cannot wait to get reading Cassandra’s other novels!

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