Giveaway – The Second Love of My Life

The Second Love of My Life

You could be in with the chance of winning your very own copy of ‘The Second Love of My Life’ written by Victoria Walters. I received my copy for free in exchange for my honest review (you can find it here) – I was fortunate enough to receive 2 copies by accident and have the permission to pass it on to my bookish friends…so here it is, here’s your chance!

The Book

In the Cornish town of Talting, everyone is famous for something.

Until recently Rose was known for many things: her infectious positivity; her unique artistic talent; and her devotion to childhood sweetheart Lucas.

But two years ago that changed in one unthinkable moment. Now, Rose is known for being the young woman who became a widow aged just twenty-four.

Though Rose knows that life must go on, the thought of carving out a new future for herself is one she can barely entertain. Until a newcomer, Robert, arrives in Talting for the summer…

Can Rose allow herself the chance to love again?

The Giveaway

The rules are simple…all you have to do is follow the instructions below. The different sections will get you a different number of entries.


Good Luck and if you win it…let me know what you think!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions apply – do not enter if you do not agree with them! If you have any queries relating to these then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Winners will be notified by 11pm on the 30th May 2016 and the prize will be shipped no later than 48 hours after a postal address has been confirmed.

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20 thoughts on “Giveaway – The Second Love of My Life

  1. But two years ago that changed in one unthinkable moment. This sentence makes is sound gripping.

  2. My friend became a young widow at the age of 30 so I feel this would strike a chord with me.

  3. sounds like a thought provoking book. I’d love to read this for my nighttime read and get lost in someone elses life. 🙂

  4. i love romance books, im due to go into hospital in a couple of weeks for baby number 6 and would love this for my hospital bag 🙂

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