Goodreads Challenge – 2015

So this year I decided to embark on the Goodreads annual reading challenge – this is what motivated me to start a blog. I have always enjoyed reading but have never found the time to do so (a poor excuse, I know). This challenge kept me motivated and I now read whenever I possibly can.

I set myself a reading target of 24 books, which isn’t an impressive target I know, but it’s a start! I am happy to say, this has now been completed with plenty of time to spare (well, almost!)

Goodreads Challenge Complete

This is what I read for my challenge in 2015 – click on the title to read my review:

  1. Crooked Little Vein: Warren Ellis (completed 1st January)
  2. Crash & Burn: Lisa Gardner (completed 23rd March)
  3. Blindsided: Jay Giles (completed 3rd June)
  4. Grey: E.L. James (completed 14th July)
  5. The Silent Girl: Tess Gerritsen (completed 25th July)
  6. The Girl on the Train: Paula Hawkins (completed 27th July)
  7. The Ice Twins: S.K. Tremayne (completed 31st July)
  8. I Let You Go: Clare Mackintosh (completed 9th August)
  9. Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn (completed 17th August)
  10. The Husband’s Secret: Liane Moriarty (completed 26th August)
  11. Eren: Simon P. Clark (completed 31st August)
  12. Media Circus: Kim Goldman & Tatsha Robertson (completed 3rd September)
  13. Time to Die: Caroline Mitchell (completed 13th September)
  14. Mission Blitz: Kira L. Curtis (completed 13th September)
  15. Dogtology: Jeff Lazarus (completed 14th September)
  16. City On Fire: Garth Risk Hallberg (completed 1st October)
  17. Tourist Trap: David Tate (completed 4th October)
  18. Sleep Peacefully: N.C Marshall (completed 7th October)
  19. A Spy Came Home: H.N Wake (completed 13th October)
  20. Reconstructing Amelia: Kimberly McCreight (completed 17th October)
  21. Paper Towns: John Green (completed 26th October)
  22. Mrs. John Doe: Tom Savage (completed 31st October)
  23. This Raging Light: Estelle Laure (completed 1st November)
  24. Stan: Richard Wold (completed 14th November)

As you can see, my reading didn’t really pick up until June/July time so that’s why my target was so low. Soon after reading ‘Blindsided’, I quickly landed on my feet with reading again and decided to make my blog. Mainly to document what I had read (so I actually had a record of it somewhere!) but also to express my views to other people. We all read things differently but I would like to think my book reviews have helped you read at least one book based on my review!

Now, on to 2016! I’m yet to decide on my reading target…but I will make it higher than 24!

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