Goodreads Challenge – 2016

So, my first Goodreads reading challenge was in 2015 and I had a low target of 24 books for the year – I completed that challenge and was determined to set my target higher…so why not double it? Yep, that’s right, my goal this year was 48 books…and I’ve now completed it!


This is what I read for my challenge in 2016 – click on the title to read my review:

  1. Dead Secret: Ava McCarthy (completed 2nd January)
  2. Lucky Me: Saba Kapur (completed 11th January)
  3. You Have Not A Leg To Stand On: D.D Mayers (completed 14th January)
  4. Finding the Cure: Cassandra Giovanni (completed 16th January)
  5. The Double Axe: Philip Womack (completed 18th January)
  6. Findo’s Mousetrap: Graham Paskett (completed 19th January)
  7. Mending Heartstrings: Aria Glazki (completed 19th January)
  8. Death In Profile: Guy Fraser-Sampson (completed 22nd January)
  9. Love, Me: Lorraine Britt (completed 23rd January)
  10. Angel Falls: Tracey Sinclair (completed 24th January)
  11. A Tale of Hunters: Frank E. Whelan (completed 24th January)
  12. Diary of the Wolf: Frank E. Whelan (completed 30th January)
  13. Little Girl Gone: Alexandra Burt (completed 5th February)
  14. The Insect Farm: Stuart Prebble (completed 7th February)
  15. You Sent Me A Letter: Lucy Dawson (completed 10th February)
  16. Cause She’s A Good Girl: Groovy Lee (completed 13th February)
  17. The Essex Serpent: Sarah Perry (completed 17th February)
  18. Nothing Is Strange: Mike Russell (completed 17th February)
  19. Jihadi A Love Story: Yusuf Toropov (completed 21st February)
  20. Twenty Questions for Gloria: Martyn Bedford (completed 23rd February)
  21. Live and Let Bee: D.S. Nelson (completed 26th February)
  22. Beneath the Surface: Heidi Perks (completed 7th March)
  23. Hold Still: Tim Adler (completed 11th March)
  24. Birthdays for the Dead: Stuart MacBride (completed 22nd March)
  25. Devil’s Bridge: Linda Fairstein (completed 31st March)
  26. Touch and Go: Lisa Gardner (completed 3rd April)
  27. Scarlet Widow: Graham Masterton (completed 6th April)
  28. End As An Assassin: Lex Lander (completed 13th April)
  29. The Theseus Paradox: David Videcette (completed 17th April)
  30. Behind Closed Doors: B.A Paris (completed 19th April)
  31. The Second Love of my Life: Victoria Walters (completed 23rd April)
  32. One by One: Rob Enright (completed 5th May)
  33. This Must be the Place: Maggie O’Farrell (completed 16th May)
  34. Devil’s Demise: Lee Cockburn (completed 22nd May)
  35. The Summer of Broken Stories: James Wilson (completed 25th May)
  36. The Last Fiesta: Andy Rumbold (completed 27th May)
  37. 1066: G.K. Holloway (completed 8th August)
  38. Daddy Dearest: Paul Southern (completed 8th September)
  39. Anything for Him: L.K. Chapman (completed 20th September)
  40. Doorways: Robert Enright (completed 8th October)
  41. Find Her: Lisa Gardner (completed 18th October)
  42. Fallow: Daniel Shand (completed 23rd October)
  43. Her Darkest Nightmare: Brenda Novak (completed 13th November)
  44. Disclaimer: Renée Knight (completed 20th November)
  45. Who Are You?: Megan Henley (completed 21st November)
  46. Environmentally Friendly: Elias Zanbaka (completed 21st November)
  47. Girls on Fire: Robert Wasserman (completed 5th December)
  48. Relativity: Antonia Hayes (completed 12th December)

Overall, it was a brilliant challenge this year. A lot of the books I read received high ratings, not because I only give high ratings (there’s been a couple of low scores this year) but because I’ve been genuinely lucky with regards to the books I have read. Now, on to 2017!

Did you reach your 2016 reading goal? Were any from my list?

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