Little Girl Gone – Alexandra Burt


ISBN-10 0008133166

ISBN-13 978-0008133160

Author Alexandra Burt

Publisher Avon


From Goodreads

A baby goes missing. But does her mother want her back?

When Estelle’s baby daughter is taken from her cot, she doesn’t report her missing. Days later, Estelle is found in a wrecked car, with a wound to her head and no memory.

Estelle knows she holds the key to what happened that night – but what she doesn’t know is whether she was responsible…

What did I think?

I had been attracted to ‘Little Girl Gone’ by Alexandra Burt after seeing it everywhere on social media. It was described as a cross between Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, so naturally I was expecting big things. I probably shouldn’t have raised my hopes as high as I did because I was a little disappointed.

The book as a whole is good, but it took a long time and a lot of perseverance to get to the ‘good’ bit. It wasn’t until around the 250 page mark that I was drawn in and kept wanting to read more. Now, for me, that is way too long to actually get in to a book and the only reason I persevered was because of the huge amount of social media hype.

Alexandra Burt has really built upon the characters and made you relate to the parental difficulties of having a new-born baby. I loved how she led you to make your own assumptions of whether or not Estelle was really capable of what she was accused. Estelle was a very clever character that you grew to support as the book went on.

I felt that the ending could have had a bit more ‘oomph’. I do think that this could boil down to me struggling to get really in to the book for some time. Much like I was with ‘Gone Girl’, I was left disappointed. ‘Little Girl Gone’ had fantastic potential, it’s just a huge shame that it took so long to pick up speed.

My Rating? ♥♥♥

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