Mission Blitz – Kira L Curtis

Written and published by Kira L. Curtis


Author Kira L. Curtis

Publisher Kira L. Curtis



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A play, set in 1940, about brothers James and Charles living through the war in two completely different ways. Which means more, family or pride?

Whilst their families back home suffer through the Blitz, five young
soldiers are forced to kit up and set off on what could be the mission of their lives, or the only mission of their lives. Not knowing who gave the orders or where they have been sent, should they travel thousands of miles and risk their lives just to take their chance of living up to the highest of ranks, or is it more than that?

What did I think? 

Unfortunately we are all too aware of war, none more so than World War 2. Curtis has carried out thorough research in to this era and has impressed me with how it has been incorporated in to her play. This book focuses on the Montgomery family and Curtis has done remarkably well intertwining the solider and the civilians story. Many different aspects of daily life have been bought in to this short-story; I am truly, pleasantly surprised with how Curtis has managed to cover such a broad range of topics in to the story. From matters such as pride, family, love, trust and sexism (plus many more) Curtis has ensured that these topics have not simply been ‘skimmed’ over; it really makes you analyse the story in a different light.

This is a completely different style of book to what I usually read as I am more of a novel kind of girl, however Curtis has convinced me that reading play scripts can be just as gripping as the next best novel out there. I loved this book and would love the opportunity to see it performed live; the way it is meant to be, if this ever ever appears in a theatre near me you can guarantee that I will be there.

My Rating? ♥♥♥♥♥

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