This Must Be the Place – Maggie O’Farrell

This Must Be the Place

ISBN-10 1472243773

ISBN-13 978-1472243775

Author Maggie O’Farrell

Publisher Tinder Press

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

From Goodreads

Meet Daniel Sullivan, a man with a complicated life. A New Yorker living in the wilds of Ireland, he has children he never sees in California, a father he loathes in Brooklyn and a wife, Claudette, who is a reclusive ex-film star given to shooting at anyone who ventures up their driveway.

He is also about to find out something about a woman he lost touch with twenty years ago, and this discovery will send him off-course, far away from wife and home. Will his love for Claudette be enough to bring him back?

What did I think?

I’ve read other books by Maggie O’Farrell and really enjoyed them, so my excitement for This Must Be the Place had definitely been built up. How wrong I was to get excited, and how let down I feel!

I really felt that This Must Be the Place was missing something. The storyline felt weak and it didn’t really seem to have any direction whatsoever. It made it quite a tough read on account of the fact that it didn’t really hold my interest. There didn’t seem to be any huge shocking moments within the book and that paired with the lack of story is why a three heart review sits here!

The only thing that brings This Must Be the Place up to three hearts from the two I thought it was going to be is because Maggie O’Farrell didn’t let me down with her beautiful writing style.

Overall, it’s light read that you won’t struggle to get back in to if you put it down for a few days.

My Rating? ♥♥♥

Will you be adding this to your TBR pile?

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