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TV has never really had too much of a hold over me. In this day and age it is all too common to sit in front of a television daily and I do feel that the hold TV has over us does sometimes impact our communication with friends/family because we’re too engrossed in what’s on over the company we hold.

Saying that, I am a Netflix subscriber and you can often find me binge-watching a TV series (I prefer the American drama’s over English although I’m not sure why!). Because of this, I thought it would be worth sharing my views on series I have loved this year – for some of them, I am a little late on the band-wagon for recommending them but still, they are brilliant.

All of the pictures below are linked to their retrospective IMDb pages so you can read up on the series and check the reviews!

Greys Anatomy

Written by Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy is probably one of the most well known American series out there! If you’ve never watched it, it’s highly likely you’ve at least heard of it! I absolutely love Grey’s Anatomy and think it is one of the best medical dramas.


Another Shonda Rhimes creation here, and another great series! Scandal is definitely one to watch for those who want a gripping drama with a touch of romance too! I think the characters that Shonda has created are lovable and loathable and they’re sure to get your emotions running!


This is my most recent ‘binge’ watch. It got me completely hooked from the very first episode and the ongoing story throughout the series is absolutely gripping. It doesn’t let you go and every episode really keeps you wanting more. It’s a high-ranking recommendation from me!


Ah, Dexter. One of my all time favourite series. I love the dark and sinister character that Michael C. Hall plays and I really love the concept behind the series. Now, Dexter is based on books written by Jeff Lindsay (which I embarrassingly haven’t read yet!) but the series itself is fantastic and very well written and produced.


Parks and Recreation has a place on my TV at any point. It’s so funny and light-hearted which runs throughout the series. The thing about this series that catches me most is that the while feel of P&R is that it’s a low-budget production when you know it’s not. It’s an easy programme to help pass the time so give it a go!


Aziz Ansari has written, produced and appeared in to a brilliant series with ‘Master of None’ – he has ensured that his wit and humour is present throughout the series. It is a Netflix original series which means at the moment you can only watch it if you have a Netflix subscription. Definitely a light-hearted watch that I thoroughly recommend!


Another Netflix original series here and yet again another brilliant series! Orange is the New Black has really grown a huge following and I can definitely see why. Based in a prison, it covers a wide range of topics that are laugh-out-loud funny but drop-dead serious too. Get on board with this, it really is brilliant!

All of the programmes listed above are American – see what I mean about my preferences? I really don’t know why I prefer these over English television, but they are shows I highly recommend for you to watch!

What are your favourite TV series? Do you prefer English or American series?

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4 thoughts on “My Top TV Picks

  1. Love Grey’s, I have been a fan from day 1, the best medical show I agree. I really enjoyed Scandal too but the way it ended this season, I am done.

    I tried reading a Dexter, terrible but I heard the show is good.

    1. I’m still watching the most recent series of Scandal so can’t comment on the ending!

      If the Dexter book wasn’t for you, you should definitely give the show a go! It’s a brilliant show!

    1. Oooh. I tried to watch that but couldn’t get in to it 🙁

      I’ve currently discovered Luther which is brilliant!

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