Physical vs. Electronic Books

This is probably the type of post you’ve seen before, but I felt it necessary to get my views across too! As a book reviewer, I often receive copies of books for free in return for my review (as you’ve probably seen!). I am eternally grateful to all of the authors and publishers who provide me with copies of books in either format, because without it I probably wouldn’t blog as much as I do!

My book review policy explains how I am willing to accept physical books as well as eBooks. But do I have a preference? YES!

I would so much rather a physical copy of a book over an eBook any day! Why? Read on below!


Electronic Books

So, I’m currently on my second Kindle. I had one of the original Kindle Keyboards but then after a loyal 6 years, it broke on me. So I am now the proud owner of a Kindle Paperwhite.

The thing I love about eBook readers are that they are incredibly lightweight and you have the ability to carry around thousands of books in your bag (without breaking your back!). My Kindle currently has just over 200 books and is nowhere near memory capacity. I also like how my Kindle has the ability to learn my reading speed so I know roughly how long I have left in a book and also whether I have time to squeeze in another chapter before going back to real life! It’s also super handy with the % bar that tells me how far in to the book I am.

Another great thing about eBook readers is that this format makes it so easy for Indie authors to get their books out there to the general public. Yes, this does mean a lot of books aren’t going to be up to scratch for most, but just the fact that authors can get their passions and stories out there for all is brilliant. I’ve read some fantastic books by Indie authors since I’ve been running this blog and that wouldn’t have been possible without an eBook!

EBooks are also very cheap for what you get! It’s a great investment if you read a lot of books because you will save a lot of money without even trying! There are also great ways to get free eBooks, such as the Amazon Top 100 Free and if you’re a reviewer, NetGalley. Although, while they’re so cheap I have only ever found grammatical/spelling errors within eBooks, never a physical book so sometimes it almost feels like they’re half-finished. The formatting can sometimes make the eBook unreadable too…which is very disappointing!


Physical Books

Well, where do I begin! My post above probably sounds like I am a converted eBook reader, but nope! My heart is always with physical copies of books.

Firstly, the smell of a new book is just beautiful. I honestly would struggle to think of anything better than that smell. Walking in to Waterstones is heaven! This makes me sound like a bit of a weirdo, I am full aware of that! I also love the weight of a book in my hand, while an eBook reader is great for people on the go due to being so lightweight and compact, a physical book just has a great feel to it.

Physical books also have a cover and there really are some stunning cover designs out there. Yes, yes, I know eBooks have book covers too, but do you ever see it in the flesh? No! I love the variety you get with physical books and the different textures/colours/designs. Something I would be sure to miss with only a eBook.

I also find that I read physical books much quicker than eBooks. I honestly think that this is because I can physically see the progress I am making which makes me want to continue (no matter how gruelling the book!) and as stupid as this may sound, it means I don’t forget that I’m reading something already – it’s happened before when I’ve started then finished a new book when I was only partway through a book on my Kindle!

In all honesty, if I get sent a physical book and an eBook for review…the physical book is 10x more likely to get their review sooner than the eBook. Nothing over the quality of story etc. but purely down to the format!

I don’t hate eBooks, don’t get me wrong there. They are a great invention and an incredible resource for me as a reviewer, but deep down, the ‘basics’ of a paperback hold me more than an eBook ever will. I have a feeling that future generations are going to be more likely to lean towards eBook reader because it’s what is around them as they’re growing up. But I do worry that the physical copies of books are going to die out and be a thing of the past.

I truly want to thank the publishers out there for keeping the physical copies of books alive!

What do you prefer and why?

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