Porcelain: Flesh of the Innocents – Lee Cockburn

Porcelain - Lee CockburnISBN-10 191152531X

ISBN-13 978-1911525318

Author Lee Cockburn

Publisher Clink Street Publishing

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

From Goodreads

Detective Sergeant Taylor Nicks is back and in charge of tracking down a sadistic vigilante, with a penchant for torturing paedophiles, in this unsettling crime thriller by a real-life police sergeant.

High-powered businessmen are turning up tortured around the city of Edinburgh with one specific thing in common — a sinister double life involving pedophilia. Leaving his ‘victims’ in a disturbing state, the individual responsible calls the police and lays bare the evidence of their targets’ twisted misdemeanours to discover, along with a special memento of their own troubled past — a chilling calling card. Once again heading the investigation team is Detective Sergeant Taylor Nicks, along with her partner Detective Constable Marcus Black, who are tasked not only with tracking the perpetrator down but also dealing with the unusual scenario of having to arrest the victims for their own barbarous crimes. But with the wounded piling up the predator’s thirst for revenge intensifies and soon Nicks discovers that she is no longer chasing down a sinister attacker but a deadly serial killer.

What did I think?

Porcelain: Flesh of the Innocents is the 2nd book with DS Nicks as the leading character and it was a book I’d been looking forward to after finishing Devil’s Demise last year! With Devil’s Demise I did make a comment to suggest there was too much ‘erotica’ in the book for my liking (I like a thriller to be a thriller!) and I must admit that Cockburn has turned the ‘erotica’ theme down throughout Porcelain and it didn’t overpower the story-line.

Porcelain is dark, way darker than Devil’s Demise was (which is saying something!) but so well written! There is no stereotypical ‘good guy’ in this book, that keeps it interesting and isn’t very common in books!

At times Porcelain was suffocating, it did not let you catch your breath, Lee Cockburn is an author who knows how to get you hooked! It definitely isn’t a story-line for the feint-hearted, it’s an uncomfortable read (in the best possible way) but Lee Cockburn has been incredibly respectful in her writing.

Porcelain was left fairly open-ended, I really hope that means that we see more of DS Nicks. The cases she investigates and the trials and tribulations her colleagues deal with along the way make for any Cockburn novel a must read!

My Rating? ♥♥♥♥

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