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Secret Santa is hugely popular nowadays and is even spreading to social media to try and get people involved! I organise one in my full-time job every year, it’s huge fun and always a great success! I personally love the idea, and have always been tempted (just not quite got round to it yet) to take part in the Reddit annual Secret Santa – probably one of the largest scale Secret Santa gift exchanges I am aware of!

Whether you’re taking part in an online gift exchange or one in your workplace etc. then the gifts below are sure to give you some inspiration. All of these gifts are under £10, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank!

Hangover Survival Kit


This is fun and can definitely be suitable for at least someone in the gift exchange. It’s nothing to be taken seriously but is definitely sure to cause a giggle!

Puppy/Kitten A Day


Got a cat or a dog lover in your exchange? Then look no further! This is a really cute gift that keeps on giving! A little desktop calendar with 365 pictures of adorable puppies or kittens (depending on which version you buy).

Swear Box


Now, this one is something we can all probably relate to! In the office environments there’s bound to be one person who swears constantly – I have a bit of a potty-mouth so would be skint if this was ever bought for me! Again, nothing too serious and just a little fun!

Mrs. Miracles Gift Set


This was £9.99 when I was looking for inspiration but the RRP is £11.99 so is just a little over budget if it’s not on offer! It’s the perfect gift to give for those who love a good pampering session or deserve a bit of ‘me’ time.

Christmas Dinner in a Matchbox


Any Harry Potter fans? Then the Marvling Bro’s ‘Christmas Dinner In A Matchbox’ would be a brilliant buy! They remind me of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. I would be interested to see what they tasted like and would make an incredibly quirky gift!

OUCH! Comic Strip Plasters


I’m incredibly accident prone in the office and always injure myself of the simplest things! These plasters are a bit of fun for everyone accident prone and have a ‘comic book’ feel to them. There’s different designs if the ‘OUCH!’ range isn’t for you!

Spider Catcher


We all know at least one person who is petrified of spiders! I don’t mind them so much but I can easily lose track of people I know who would benefit from this! It’s a fun present…but practical too!

Top Gear Grand Tour Gift Set


Perfect for any car fanatic out there! This ‘Top Gear’ pamper set aimed towards the male population is a sure winner. I love how they’ve named the products after different stages of detailing, so there’s a little humour in there too.

The Daily Mood Calendar


I received one of these for Christmas last year and think it’s absolutely brilliant! Tell the office how you feel today with the mood calendar…at least that way colleagues will know whether to brace themselves, go elsewhere or just get on with it!

Receipts Tin


Know a big spender? Then maybe this is the gift for them! A place to keep all of your receipts so you don’t have to turn the house upside-down when looking for the receipt of something you bought last year in order to return it (we’ve all been there!). Make someone’s life a little simpler this Christmas!

I hope you had fun reading this and managed to buy something for your lucky Secret Santa! What are your gift ideas?

Have a fantastic Christmas!!

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