This Raging Light – release date is here!

Written by Estelle LaurePublished by Orchard Books
Written by Estelle Laure
Published by Orchard Books

Thanks to Netgalley, Estelle Laure, and Orchard Books I received a pre-release version of This Raging Light written by Estelle Laure to read in exchange for a unbiased and honest review. I am now pleased to say that the release date is (finally) today!

This Raging Light follows a teenager called Lucille through her unusual situation of having to raise her 9 year old sister, Wren, and herself after her dad has been committed in to a mental institution and her mother has taken some ‘alone’ time away from her children. Whilst this is the most difficult thing Lucille has had to cope with, she is also battling with the fact she is falling head over heels in love with her best friends twin brother who has a girlfriend.

This Raging Light is definitely a book to pick up and read straight away! I read the whole book in one sitting and was incredibly impressed with Laure for making such a fantastic debut novel. I think that This Raging Light makes you truly look at the troubles we encounter in life and opens your eyes to show that things could be a million times worse. I gave This Raging Light a rating of ♥♥♥♥♥ – read my review here

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